2020 - Specialized Camps descriptions

Specialized camp - 156 Roncesvalles Avenue
2020 weekly program for kids 8 to 12

Arts & Crafts Camp

If you're familiar with the arts & crafts we do at our multiactivity camp, you know how serious we are about this topic! We've developed a concept that teaches your child the mix of different techniques, while expressing their curiousity and creativity. In this camp we'll take it to yet another level and dive deeper into certain areas of art techniques and approaches. This camp is perfect for the artsy kid and the ones who look for more opportunities and some support in expressing themselves in an artistic way. Our approach is refreshing for parents and campers as we challenge your child to try out new things and encourage them to trust in their abilities. 

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Outdoors Camp

This is the perfect camp for kids who love to be active and to be outdoors! We will take full advantage of some of the best outdoors spaces that Toronto has to offer! We will learn survival skills from a renowed survival guide at High Park, play Baseball and make our own Pizza at Christie Pitts and explore the Waterfront! Our field trip will take us to Toronto Island where we will spend the day at the beach, making a picnic and playing games!

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Science Camp

Science is the study of the world around us! We will learn amazing science facts and make them come to life through experiments, interactive games and hands-on experiences. We focus on many aspects of science, from physics and electricity to earth science and climate change! The week will spark interests in your child that you might have never expected and leave them with a natural curiosity for the world they live in!

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Fitness & Health Camp

This is not a typical sports camp as our campers will not only be active and learn different sports but also learn about nutrition, how to prepare healthy snacks for them and their family, etc. We will enjoy a daily yoga class to set up up for the day and then follow with work out and sports sessions indoors and outdoors. In between, we'll not only learn about nutrion in a fun and interactive way but also learn the benefits and important lessons from an active lifestyle.

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A typical week

Your child will have plenty of fun with a range of diverse activities while learning about the weekly topic they chose! Our specialized programming offers 8 sessions a week where we dive into the weekly topic (Science, Arts & Crafts, Fitness & Health or Outdoors). We also have fun playing indoor games, visiting nearby parks and going on our weekly field trip