High Park North - 151 Glenlake Avenue
2019 weekly program for kids 5 to 12 

At Toronto Kidz Summer Camp your child will have a fun time filled with diverse activities allowing them to discover new interests while trying things out. Every week we follow a different theme that is reflected in our daily activities and our weekly field trip. Kids look forward to days filled with experiences that keep them mentally and physically active and stimulate different senses. Our camp gives your child the opportunity to try something new and share the experience with their new friends.

At Toronto Kidz we believe in the diversity of the kids and their individual interests. We believe that Toronto is a great city to raise an open minded and globally versed child. We want to support families in Toronto to raise responsible and independent children who enjoy an environment full of possibilities. Our field trips to local parks and some of the city's most popular attractions will enrich our weekly program.

Overview of our 2019 weekly dates and themes at the High Park North location:

Around the World
July 2 - 5 (4 day week)

Join us on a trip around the world in only 4 days! We'll discover different cultures, languages and traditions. We'll learn about our continents and countries. Where have you travelled to and where do you want to go?

Field trip: Bata Shoe Museum
Fee: $220 single week / $198 multi-week

Underwater World
July 8 - 12

Learn about the the magic world under the water surface with all its fascinating creatures and plants! We'll explore how animals live in the water and get to visit them first hand on our field trip!

Field trip: Ripley's Aquarium
Fee: $275 single week / $248 multi-week

July 15 - 19

Did you know that there are over 700 different species of dinosaurs? Which one is your favorite? Learn how to distinguish the different species and how they were discovered!

Field trip: Royal Ontario Museum
Fee: $275 single week / $248 multi-week

Pirates & Mermaids
July 22 - 26

We'll learn how to talk, dance and hunt a treasure like a pirate. We'll go on a real boat and meet some pirates who will take us on an adventure and tell us all about a pirate's life!

Field trip: Pirate Life Cruise 
Fee: $275 single week / $248 multi-week

Animals & Nature
July 29 - Aug 2

We'll discover the different types of animals and their habitat. We'll learn about nature and our environment. Do you know which animals live in Toronto? Let's find out more!

Field trip: Riverdale Farm
Fee: $275 single week / $248 multi-week

Explorers & Pioneers
Aug 6 -9 (4 day week)

Let's dive into the life of world explorers, settlers and pioneers. We'll learn about countries discovered and create our own world of adventure!

Field trip: Black Creek Pioneer Village
Fee: $220 single week / $198 multi-week

Knights & Princesses
Aug 12 - 16

How was life for knights and princesses several hundred years ago? We'll explore the medieval times, its customs and traditions and visit a 'castle' in the middle of Toronto!

Field trip: Casa Loma
Fee: $275 single week / $248 multi-week

Space & Planets
Aug 19 - 23

Which one of the nine plantes is your favourite? Learn what they're all about and what else is out there in space to be discovered! We'll explore more on our field trip to the Science Centre!

Field trip: Science Centre
Fee: $275 single week / $248 multi-week

Besides our field trips we spend time outdoors every day in nearby parks and their splash pads and spend a whole morning including a picnic snack at High Park every week! 

While indoors, we'll play games, make a different craft every day and learn about our weekly theme!

Drop off and pick up times

Our regular program runs from  9 am to 4:30 pm with the possibility of early drop-offs starting at 8 am and after-care till 5:30 pm for an extra $10 per day.

Toronto Kidz summer camp 2019 high park junction triangle activities day trips visits weekly program
One-week Rate
$275 per week

Multi-week Rate
$248 per week
(incl. 10% off)

  • 9 am - 4:30 pm
Extended hours
$50 per week
$40 for short weeks

  • $10 /day
  • 8 am - 5:30 pm
Other Discounts
10% siblings discount

10% 'bring a friend discount' for yourself & your child's friend

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