Toronto Kidz About us 2020

About Us

We are passionate about the urban family life in Toronto and raising kids in this versatile city. We believe that living here offers children the opportunity to grow into independent, open minded global citizens. With TORONTO KIDZ we want to offer families in Toronto children services that are accessible, affordable and a lot of fun! Our summer camp is the first one of many services that we offer to support busy families in Toronto.

Brigitte, the Owner and Camp Director has always been passionate about kids and how to raise a caring child who goes through life seeing its endless possibilities. Working in the travel industry with Youth trips and lately for WE, a charity that empowers youth to change the world, she has witnessed how interested and caring the next generation is. With TORONTO KIDZ, she hopes to contribute to raising the next generation in a meaningful way.

Our Philosophy

At Toronto Kidz we believe in the diversity of the kids and their individual interests. We believe that Toronto is a great city to raise an open minded and globally versed child. We thrive to support families in Toronto to raise responsible, independent and curious children who enjoy an environment full of possibilities. 

Our programming is built out in a way that brings forward the individuality of each child while promoting team work, friendship and responsiblity for your own actions. At our camp children get exposed to a perfect mix of facilitated counselor-led activities and free play in a safe and stimulating environment under supervision. This mix allows our campers to balance out the need to being led and making up their own games, finding friends, solving conflits, etc. during free play.

Our difference - our promise to you

We truly care

We take care of your child as if it was one of our own! We ensure they eat their lunch, we fill up their water bottles, we teach them how to apply sunscreen... and much more! And if there is ever anything you want us to keep an eye out for, rest assure we will for you!

We get to know you

You trusting us to take care of your child is huge and we feel honored to do so! While we want them to have a great time in a fun and safe environment we also take the time to get to know you, your family and how we can best support you with our services!

Safety first

While we're all about a fun summer, safety always comes first. We live safety from getting staff first aid trained and their police checks in place to teaching the campers about our  safety protocols on the TTC, crossing the street or playing in the park.

Money back guarantee

If for any reason we fail you and your child in creating a great experience for your whole family, we will reimburse you for the unused days of camp. That's how confident we are that you will not be disappointed and your child will have a blast!