Terms & Conditions - Toronto Kidz Summer Camp 2020

Updated January 17, 2020

Registration Policy: The registration for camp is only confirmed once the registration form has been completed on the registration platform, terms and conditions have been accepted and payment has been made in full. Toronto Kidz Services Inc. reserves the right to refuse any registration for any reason and will in this case refund the full amount paid. The decision in such matters will be final.

Cancellation Policy: The amount paid is fully refundable minus a $35 administration fee up to 30 days prior to camp start (first day of each camp week). The $35 administration fee applies to each cancellation no matter the number of weeks. 50% of the total paid cost becomes non-refundable at 29 days prior to camp start. The full amount of the weekly rate becomes fully non-refundable the day the camp week starts (Monday or Tuesday of the booked week).

Camp participation: I authorize that my child participates in all activities of the Toronto Kidz Services Inc. including field trips and outdoors activities on other premises than the facilities rented by the company including outings, picnics, trip to local sites, shows, etc. I also authorize Toronto Kidz Services Inc. to take my child on the public transit system (TTC) and/or on a bus provided to reach field trip destinations.

Liability: I desire my child to participate in the full camp program. Acknowledging that such participation involves risk and hazards, I will notify the camp of any restriction to my child's participation in writing. I also hereby release Toronto Kidz Services Inc., its officers, directors, employees and agents of all liability arising from my child's stay at the camp or participation in the camp program. I agree to reimburse Toronto Kidz Services Inc. for any intentional damage of camp property caused by my child.

While every precaution is taken for the safety and good health of the children, some sports and activities carry with them the inherent risk of personal injury beyond the risks associated with many of the recreational activities at Toronto Kidz Services Inc. I understand and accept these risks and agree that by allowing my child to participate in those activities, he/she may be taking part in a recreational activity that presents the potential for personal injury. Also, while I understand that Toronto Kidz Services Inc. does its best to protect against exposure to nut products where there are allergies of which I have given written notice, I recognize that Toronto Kidz Services Inc. does not accept responsibility or liability and I hereby release Toronto Kidz Services Inc. for any illness or injury which may occur as a result of exposure by my child to any such food or another item to which my child has an allergy.

With my purchase, I am releasing the employees, Directors, Officers, and staff volunteers of Toronto Kidz Services Inc. from any and all actions, causes of action, claims and demands resulting from any loss, injury or damage to person or property which has arisen or may arise from any and all use of Toronto Kidz Services Inc. including any activities on camp location (151 Glenlake Avenue, Toronto), in parks or while on field trips in the city of Toronto.

Jurisdiction: I understand that any and all actions arising out of this agreement or the use of Toronto Kidz Services Inc. will be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada and I consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Ontario, Canada.

Custody: The parents/guardians making the purchase are those having legal custody of the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, will be fully communicated in writing to Toronto Kidz Services Inc., including a photocopy of the section of any court order referring to visitation rights.

Pick-up authorization: I understand that only individuals authorized on the registration form are allowed to pick up my child at the end of the day. If also accept that it’s up to the camp’s staff’s discretion to request a government-issued ID from the individual picking up my child.

3 Strike Policy: To guarantee that all campers have a safe, fun and happy camp experience, Toronto Kidz’ staff adheres to a 3-Strike Policy should inappropriate, unacceptable or unsafe behavior be displayed by a camper.

Strike 1: Camp staff notifies the camper exhibiting inappropriate, unacceptable or unsafe behavior and a verbal warning will be issued. The incident will be documented in writing and the camper’s parent(s)/guardian(s) notified verbally.

Strike 2: Camp staff notifies the camper exhibiting inappropriate, unacceptable or unsafe behavior. A second warning that consequences will ensue is verbally issued. The incident is documented in an incident report and the camper’s parent(s)/guardian(s) notified. The parent(s)/guardian(s) will be asked to sign the incident report after discussing the incident with the Location Manager and/or Camp Director.

Strike 3: The Location Manager or Camp Director contacts Parent(s)/Guardian(s) who must pick up their camper. No reimbursement for the remainder of the week will be provided in this situation. For any additional booked weeks, the regular cancellation policy will apply.

Inappropriate, unacceptable or unsafe behavior includes (but is not limited to):

• Preventing or interfering with another camper’s experience

• Threats, bullying, harassment of any kind, intimidation, abuse or fighting

• Physical or verbal aggression towards another camper or staff

• Not ceasing any behavior that endangers the camper or another camper.

Special needs: Toronto Kidz Services Inc. thrives for inclusion and to support campers with special needs as best as possible. Please understand that due to the nature of some of our activities, our camp is not suitable for all types of special needs. Our camp experience will be provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of all participants. In order to provide the best support to a camper with special needs, we require all needs or challenges to be included in the Camper Information form. If your child requires one-to-one support, please contact us to discuss your options. Failure to disclose information necessary for a safe and positive camper experience may result in the removal of the camper from the program.
Additional support at camp is sometimes necessary for a positive camp experience. Below are the most commonly used support systems for our campers:
One-to-One support provided by the family
One-to-One support provided by a community partner
One-to-One support provided by camp (extra charge, limited availability)

Medical authorization: By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions during the online purchase, I hereby authorize the administration of the Toronto Kidz Services Inc. to administer any first aid deemed necessary. If the administration deems it necessary, I also authorize the transport of my child by ambulance or otherwise to a hospital or other medical facility. Moreover, if we cannot be reached, I authorize the physician chosen by the camp’s administrators to administer any medical treatment required to my child in his/her state, including surgery, injections, anesthesia and hospitalization.

I agree to reimburse Toronto Kidz Services Inc. for any unforeseen expenses the company incurs on the camper's behalf (special supplies, emergency expenses, services, etc.)

Authorization required if your child carries an adrenaline shot: With the purchase of a spot at the summer camp I authorize persons designated by Toronto Kidz Services Inc. to administer if needed and in the case of an emergency, the described adrenaline shot to my child.

Lost items: Toronto Kidz Services Inc. is not responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen.

Promotional photos and videos: I understand that the Toronto Kidz Services Inc. and third parties authorized by Toronto Kidz Services Inc. will be photographing and/or filming my child’s activities during his/her days at camp. I hereby give my permission for this material to be used in total or in part for publicity purposes such as in brochures, magazines, newspapers, on television, on the internet etc. This material will remain the property of Toronto Kidz Services Inc.

Late pick-up fees: I understand that pick-up time is at 4:30 pm for regular camp hours and at 5:30 pm for extended hours (at an extra cost). I agree to pay a late fee of CAD 5 if picking up my child late. Additionally, I agree to pay CAD 1 per minute for every minute that I pick up my child passed the end time of the camp. I understand that these amounts have to be paid in cash to the Toronto Kidz Services Inc. staff present at the time of pick-up.