Toronto Kidz
Summer Camp

Registration now open for 2019!

Let your kids have fun, stay active and enjoy the summer at our day camp at 3 locations in the West end of Toronto starting from $198 per week

About Us

We are passionate about the urban family life in Toronto and raising kids in this versatile city. We believe that living here offers children the opportunity to grow into independent, open minded and global citizens. With TORONTO KIDZ we want to offer families in Toronto children services that are accessible, affordable and a lot of fun! Our summer camp is the first one of many services that we’ll offer to support busy families in Toronto.

Brigitte, the Camp Director has always been passionate about kids and how to raise a caring child who goes through life seeing its endless possibilities. Working in the travel industry with Youth trips and lately for WE, a charity that empowers youth to change the world, she has witnessed how interested and caring the next generation is. With TORONTO KIDZ, she hopes to contribute to raising the next generation in a meaningful way.

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High Park North:
151 Glenlake Ave, Toronto

Wychwood Park:
2 Vaughan Road, Toronto

156 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto

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